Team building activities mostly involve corporate events that bring work colleagues together to promote a sense of unity. Usually, these activities are not only for fun; but they also contain essential reasons behind them. Such group activities contribute to better organizational communication and performances. There is also teamwork enhancement. Notably, such exercises can either be outdoors or indoors, yet bring out significant organizational changes in the long run.

Below are four significant team building activities that form part of effective corporate events:

1. Perfect Square Group

It is a 30-minute exercise that requires at least five people, and a maximum of twenty. The colleagues form one full circle and hold on to a long rope. Every member is then blindfolded. The activity leader places the rope on the floor and instructs everyone to walk away and anywhere far from the circle.

After some few minutes, the instructor asks everyone to go back to their initial positions. With the blindfolds still on, they hold on to the rope and create a square fold. Some of the members remain silent, while others talk. The activity then becomes more challenging; while also working against limited time.

This act emphasizes leadership attributes and the importance of excellent communication amongst workmates. When some individuals remain silent, it implies on the essence of trust among team members; such that colleagues should always direct one another towards the right path of success.

2. Exchange Puzzle

This team building exercises is a one to two-hour exercise that focuses on the significance of small groups. It requires around three to four different small groups. Each team should contain an equal number of members and tackle different puzzles with the same level of challenge.

The aim is to discover a group that can complete their puzzle quickly and correctly. It instills a sense of group work and cooperation. Also, some puzzle pieces for every group mixes up with those of other groups. Each team must find ways to get all their puzzle pieces back. Some of the creative ways to do this include exchanging team members, trading, and negotiations.

This exercise emphasizes problem-solving effect through team engagements. Despite different abilities amongst members, what matters in the long-run is; the final results that come from the group discussion.

3. Secret Name Game

It is a simple activity that is part of corporate team building activities, yet significant in enhancing togetherness amongst work colleagues. The more you play it, the more interesting it becomes. Each player receives unique and secret names of respected and credible persons in the society.

The names appear on tiny index cards and then displayed in a hidden part of an individual’s body such as the back or forehead. Each individual should not see their assigned names, but the other players can see it.

Once everyone has their name display, they all mingle. Each person should treat every individual they meet; like they would treat the person indicated with the names that they bear. For instance; if it is Barrack Obama, you then handle your colleague exactly how you would handle Obama when meeting him.

This exercise is critical. It enhances a remarkable company culture whereby each member highly values the other and empathizes with one another.

4. Adventure Rooms

This exercise is fun and great for work members to bond and assist each other out in difficult circumstances. In this case, a group of colleagues gets locked in one room for at least an hour. During that moment, everyone inside the room will liaise together, and find ways in which they can set themselves free and out.

You will discover that most members spend up to more than one hour inside, trying to figure things out. It is a simple, yet excellent team-building activity for enhancing reasoning, togetherness, and patience with one another.