We’ve all felt awkward or unsure when introduced to a corporate team. Many times, even the most senior of team members have a difficult time or little interest in interacting with their coworkers. As a boss, you want your corporate team to work as a, well, team! What can you do to help your team work together? Without a doubt, using corporate team building activities is the best way to go and we have some great ideas for you to use for team building with corporate events.

Eating Out

Not everyone eats lunch in the break room or at the same place. To bring everyone together, try planning a company lunch out to a restaurant. Figure out what foods everyone likes or is willing to try. Reserve your spot and bring in your corporate team to eat together and chat. It’s a simple and easy way to get people to open up. Discuss the food, work, etc. and learn more about everyone.

This can also apply to a company dinner. This may be even easier to open up with everyone as dinner usually will happen after hours. It’ll be easier to loosen up when you’re not worrying about getting back to work and can be in a casual social setting. Not everyone may be available after work, but it’s still a good idea to try to get everyone involved in.

Fun & Games

There are many fun corporate team activities that are sure to build up your team. One simple and easy game to play is “Two Truths and a Lie”. Each person has three facts about themselves, but only two are true. Everyone else has to figure out what the lie is. It’s a quick way to get to know a little bit about your team members and break the ice. Maybe you’ll even find common interests and build a stronger bond this way.

Another great activity, which can even be incorporated with the dinner idea mentioned earlier, is Karaoke. This activity takes some courage to do, but, because of that, it’ll help some people break out of their shells. Once they take this step, they may end up more open with you and other team members. Why is that so important? It opens up communication between everyone and have some good memories to look back on.